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Little Miss Bingo Review

Little Miss Bingo Review

Not to be confused with a Roger Hargreaves character, Little Miss Bingo is powered by Cozy Games software and promises “huge winning opportunities and full-on entertainment.” Theme Little Miss Bingo is an animated young woman with blonde hair, huge blue eyes and a gleaming smile. […]

This Week’s Best Bingo Promotions

This Week’s Best Bingo Promotions

Welcome to this week’s rundown of the best mobile bingo promotions you’ll find in the next 7 days. Because of last week’s torrent of premature Halloween themed promotions, I’m going to promise you right here and now that you won’t find a single Halloween promotion […]

Loose yourself in the world of bingo…

Loose yourself in the world of bingo…

As bingo sites get more and more popular, here’s a little spiel from NZ-casinos Bingo. Online gaming is all good fun as long as your responsible, remember, if you feel like it’s not fun anymore, there’s plenty of support available. Visit bingo casino online for more info. I’m all for a cheeky spin with lady luck, as long as you know your limits you can genuinely have fun, win prizes and meet new people.


“The world of online bingo games presents you with endless surprises where excitement just never stops. It’s like having Vegas at your door (or at least a good bingo hall). It’s not just about a wide variety of games, it’s also about the irresistible bonus deals, free offers and events that never fail to make your day whenever you log in to play.

Before you dive in, choose an appropriate site that ensures you safe bingo sessions and promotes fair play among all the players. Make sure you feel happy and safe in the online community. It’s all about having fun!

And of course, you want to sign up to something that offers you plenty of fabulous freebies. Sites like NZ-casinos Bingo come with numerous complimentary benefits, such as the opportunity to play bingo games for free simply by taking part in amusing contests. As well, you can participate the cheery contests being held at the site’s Facebook page, to grab free tickets to the 90 ball bingo Unplugged room.

Want more ways to win some free spins or free tickets? NZ-casinos offer you spins or tickets absolutely free with your welcome and re-deposit bonus packages. If you wish to be entitled to even further rewards then, of course, be a regular player at the site. You are offered special bingo bonuses requiring no deposit that are credited directly to your account – just on logging in.

Also, with the varied promotions being introduced every month, you get a chance to collect attractive cash prizes, free cards, extra bonuses, mystery prizes, prize points and similar others. So, register at our casino to have the best bingo experience. Play, get hooked and remember to make use of the incredible offers to win bigger and better. Try your luck now!

How VR Will Go Beyond Traditional Gaming

How VR Will Go Beyond Traditional Gaming

Over the course of 2018 we’ve come to recognize virtual reality as the next frontier of gaming. With some headsets currently available and others set for release in the coming months, we’ve begun to experience a number of new games across a variety of genres. […]

How to have a Fun and Frugal Weekend

How to have a Fun and Frugal Weekend

Christmas is always a fun time but, as it can also be a costly one, this week’s Frugal Mom’s adventure has been finding ways to have fun and frugal weekends to help us cut back after the festivities. I’ve asked loads of people what sorts […]



You don’t need to be a magician to get something for nothing, just be aware of the possibilities that are all around you every day. Many people have no idea of the potential bargains to be had by spending a bit of time researching all options before breaking out the wallet. Here’s some top tips on how to get what you want, without spending any money!

Are you looking for free…..


There are some 80,000 hairdressing positions in the UK, with around 4,000 vacancies every year. That’s a lot of recent graduates and trainees who need to practise their scissor-slinging, so by keeping your eyes peeled whenever you pass a hairdressers, you can usually find the offer of a free, or at least reduced price, haircut in most towns. Of course you run the risk of a disaster, but at least there’s usually an experienced hairdresser on-site too who can help put things right.


Ever wanted to try one of the UK’s most popular activities? Go online with meccabingo.com and for the first week, newbies can join a special room where they play for free, and best of all, you can still win big prizes! That way you can decide if bingo is the game for you, before paying any membership fees.

Shopping Deliveries?

One of the biggest challenges for online retailers has been overcoming customers’ dislike for delivery charges. Many of the biggest players in the market now offer free delivery to a choice of locations such as your home or a bricks and mortar store. And if you prefer to do your food shopping online as well for convenience, then many supermarket delivery schemes offer one or two deliveries free of charge after you first sign up.


Major shows such as The X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice, as well as lots of comedies and game shows on TV and radio, always need an audience. It’s easy to book them online and so all you need is your transport which, if you’re lucky enough to live within a short distance of the venue, could be next to nothing. Hey presto, you could see a different show every week!


Thinking about joining the gym? It makes sense to have a free trial before you sign up, and most places will allow you, and maybe a friend also, to come and have a tour of the premises and facilities. Once that’s over with and you’ve been through the sales patter, you should also be able to wangle a day on-site where you can workout, or relax in the health suite. If you’ve just moved into a new city (or are just a bit cheeky) you could try this technique at every gym you can find until you settle on the right one for you.


There are many ways to reduce the cost of a holiday if you’re smart about it. If you’re alone you can try couch-surfing, and if you’re a couple or family, why not sign up for a house-sitting program? If you’re flying during peak periods and don’t mind hanging around the airport for a few hours, you may be able to do the airline a favour by giving your seat to someone else and taking the next flight for free.

Most flights are overbooked during the holiday season, so this opportunity is quite common. Then there’s the ‘driveaway’ scheme popularised in the USA by Jack Kerouac – many people need cars delivered across-country during the year – you can put yourself forward to do the driving and pick up a free vehicle, plus a free tank of fuel – all you need to do is get the car safely from Point A to Point B in a set timeframe.


Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a website that allows you to take all manner of pre-loved items, from gym equipment to old computers, baby clothes to books, free of charge from strangers. It’s a great way to prevent perfectly good items from going to the tip, and you only need to collect.