Meet the People Who Will Benefit from AIM Funded Research

dennisThe Alabama Institute of Medicine uniquely positions the people of Alabama to be first in line for critical clinical trials. By supporting the top talented stem cell scientists in all of Alabama, there will be an associated need for patients to come forward and be willing to be enrolled in clinical trials. Alabamians will get cutting edge stem cell therapies before almost everyone else in the world.

Bonnie B., Spinal Cord Injury
A young woman paralyzed in the prime of her life. She’s resilient, brave and positive but yet she suffers tremendously from paralysis. AIM will make a difference. We will fund paralysis research for cure. That’s our AIM.

Baby Charlotte, SMA
As pure and innocent a child you ever could imagine. But, Baby Charlotte is paralyzed from spinal muscular atrophy. She is unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to even swallow, that is unacceptable. AIM will make a difference in stem cell research for SMA cure.

Ray B., Oncology
Cancer will affect one in two people in the world. People like Ray of Alabama or your mother or brother or sister, or best friend. You don’t know who will get cancer, you just know that we will all be touched by cancer in one way or another personally or of a loved one. We AIM to fund oncology stem cell research for cure.

By supporting, the Alabama Institute of Medicine – YOU will make a difference in the health care system with the goal of reducing long term health care cost burden through the development of therapies that ease suffering and save lives. That’s the plan and that’s our AIM.