Great strides in advancing stem cell research is currently in effect all around the world. Your contribution will ensure that stem cell research moves forward and thrives in Alabama and America, adding to the economic well being of our state and country while making strides toward life-changing impacts for patients who we hope will benefit from the research. Through your support, the advancement of research for those who suffer from disease and injury will ensure that new and innovative research avenues are funded and explored.

Through the research grant program, AIM will drive the acceleration of the discovery and development of lifesaving treatments and cures, bringing researchers from Alabama and across the world together to work toward treating global diseases and injuries. The Institute’s priorities include significant investments in research and technology developments that promote new and innovative clinical approaches for Cardiac, Diabetes, Neurological Diseases and Injuries, Oncology, and Sports Injury.

Established in April 2013, the Alabama Institute of Medicine (AIM) is an official non-profit organization (501c3) committed to funding research that will lead us further down the path toward treatments and cures for chronic disease and injury.