Alabama Institute of Medicine Will Hold a Press Conference on April 18th!

Recently launched Alabama Institute of Medicine (AIM) will hold a press conference to announce the organizations inaugural fundraising event – Stem Jam. With this first event, coupled with early investor support, AIM will find, vet, and fund the best science to achieve its goals of personalized regenerative medicine in Alabama. Other details will be provided during the presser, including announcements of early investments received, along with recruitment of skilled Board Members and Staff. This press conference will also highlight a few of those individuals with talks and an interactive Q&A with researchers involved in developing stem cell therapies.

WHEN: 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, April 18th, 2013.

WHERE: The lobby area of the Disability Rights and Resources Center, 1418 6th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35203.

BACKGROUND: AIM is a private partnership which supports regenerative medicine in Alabama, the Southeast, and the United States of America. The talent and technology is in place to foster regenerative medicine into twenty first century personalized medicine.

The ultimate goal of AIM is to accelerate the pace of stem cell research in Alabama toward new treatments for life threatening diseases and debilitating disorders like spinal cord injuries, often things for which there are no treatments today. By promoting the research and encouraging the growth of the stem cell biotechnology sector the agency aims to help attract the best scientists to the state and establish Alabama as a global leader in stem cell research.

Media contact: Tory Minus
251-242-1222 or