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Massive Slots Jackpot at Harry’s Bingo

Massive slots jackpot – Treasures of Egypt – of £17,055.52 is on offer at Harry’s Bingo. It’s set to go so come on. Even non-slots players should have a swing at a jackpot that big! Top Gear slots has over £2200 on offer, and Fish Toons with nearly £3000 is up there too! So come in and have a go, I’m going too, I just cant resist, and I rarely play slots but I’m going to make exceptions with such great prizes around.

Here’s a beaut little testimonial:

“There’s always a chat game going on and EVERYONE wins unlike some sites! Keep up the fantastic work Harry’s Bingo!! You’re the BEST! ” “doolally”.

There’s plenty of others like these, I really think we players need to click on the testimonials and read them, that’s a damn good way to keep an eye on how the site if operating, don’t you agree?

I wonder what the next great ‘Current Promo’ will turn up at Harry’s Bingo? The ‘Spring Season’ one finishes today and if you haven’t been playing its just too lately unfortunately, cause it’s the Top 3 Lucky Wagerers that are going to win those beaut Garden Hampers – although I would have loved one!

I don’t know it surprises me sometimes when I do so much better at the normal Daily Specials than extra special promos, then other times I run better on the extra specials! But speaking of the ordinary specials each day, the Harry’s Bingo BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) has gotta be the top of the top promotions. You get so much more out of it!

Then on ALL days of the week at Harrys Bingo, you have those great £75 Fixed Pots which are run between 9pm to 10pm each evening and the Random Free Bingo Games (each and every day too) which run from 11am to 6pm – a nice long run for a game.